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1st Time Buyers Must Reads

1st Time Buyers Must Reads by Mark Weymouth.

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First Time Buyers Must-Reads are articles by the 1st Financial Group advisory team who have been hard at work to help first time buyers navigate the market. We hope they help to demystify the market and make the process easier. We have placed them all here with a with brief synopsis and links to help you navigate through.

 Building a Credit History – by Mark Weymouth – Mortgage Adviser

The process of buying your first home starts earlier than many people think. Every time you apply for credit you are scored and when it becomes time to purchase a home your score will determine if you can obtain a mortgage and the rate you pay. Here is my guide on ways to safely build that score.

A Quick 1st Time Buyers Guide by Martin Ross Mortgage Adviser

Many are confused about the overall mortgage process. Here is a quick guide on some of the more complex issues and costs. Read the guide here.

Is the deposit ‘Mission Impossible’– Phil Higginson – IFA

Without planning, saving for a deposit can be difficult. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way when planning your first mortgage. Here is a quick guide from Phil on ways to make it easier.

Do I need advice for my first mortgage? (What does a mortgage adviser do?) – Martin Ross Mortgage Adviser

When looking to obtain your first mortgage it can be tempting to attempt to get one ‘in a similar way to getting travel insurance-through a comparison site. Mortgages are a different beast and over 70% of mortgages are arranged through brokers in the UK. But why is that? Find out here.

 1st Time Buyers FAQ – Sav Savva IFA

One of the hardest parts about getting a mortgage is how hard it can be to get answers to simple questions. Here is a list of common questions from 1st Time Buyers Sav put together.

I hope you find our articles pertinent and helpful to you.

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Mark Weymouth Somerset Mortgage Adviser smiling outside his office in Rural Somerset

Mark Weymouth Director, Mortgage Adviser

Mark is a mortgage and protection adviser with over 30 years industry experience. He founded 1st Financial Group with Phil. His interests include football, reading, cinema, keep fit and spending time with his wife and 3 children.

1st Time Buyers Must Reads is article by Mark Weymouth 


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