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Your Introduction to Lump Sum Investing

Your Introduction to Lump Sum Investing

Lump Sum Investing by Phil Higginson

The Independent Financial Advisers from the 1st Financial Group have contributed to our news section by providing information on the process, theory and strategies around lump sum investing. We hope you find these articles helpful and as IFAs we are more than happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding lump sum investments. – Phil Higginson IFA

Lottery Wins and Unexpected Fortunes – by Sav Savva – IFA

What do you do if you win the lottery? Sav goes over the general process advisers follow when helping clients with unexpected lump sums.

Lump Sum Investing With an IFA – by Philip Higginson – IFA

Apple tree Somerset - Text stating "How do adviser invest lump sums for clients?"

What is the process for investing using an IFA. Here is a brief summary of the general outline of the process for how investing with an IFA works for a client.

Lump Sums and ISAs – by Matthew Eaton – IFA

ISAs explained Matthew Eaton IFA

We often hear about ISAs but what are they and what are they for? Mathew reviews ISAs, what the different types are and what they are used for.

Lump Sum Investment TheoriesInvestment Theories

Sometimes, when you listen to the news or radio, experts go into the theories behind investments. Jan looks at the more common theories used.

Lump Sums: Understanding the Risks – by Matthew Eaton – IFA

Lump Sum Risks

When investing a lump sum different types of risk are mentioned, and your attitude to risk is assessed. But what is this for? What are the main types of financial risks Independent Financial Advisers consider when assessing how to advise on lump sums. Matthew Eaton explains.

ISAs Simply Explained

What is an ISA? Find out here. This video is designed to help you understand more about them.


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Phil Higginson Director & Independent Financial Adviser standing and smiling outside his office in Rural Somerset

Phil Higginson
Director & Independent Financial Adviser

Phil is an enthusiastic and driven Independent Financial Adviser with over 25 years experience. His consultative style supports clients to achieve their financial goals. When not working Phil enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. During the summer months when not working he can generally be found on the cricket pitch.

Your Introduction to Lump Sum Investing is an article by Phil Higginson IFA

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