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UK Retirees living much longer

“On average, men can expect to live around 15 years and women can expect to live around 20 years longer than in the 1950s.” – ONS

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The concept of retirement is surprisingly new, most people in the 1950’s and early did no live much longer then their working lives (especially men). We are much luckier now living 15-20 years longer and what is important is the quality of those years.

Making provision for retirement can be tricky to plan for, it is a long time in the future, complex and difficult to visualise. The government is saying they may face challenges (in fact some may say they are facing them now) with providing the same level of services once enjoyed by previous generations for retirees.

The simple fact is planning for retirement is made much easier when you take advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). Retirees are healthier and wealthier than in previous generations and meeting with our experienced IFA’s means you will be take the time to make sure your financial circumstances suit your journey ensures you have the best quality of life available to you during your retirement.

Get started with your retirement planning today.

You can read more in this report from the ONS here.

If you would like your retirement needs reviewed, you can call us on 01823 410 044 or book a callback here.


If you would like your retirement needs reviewed, you can call us on 01823 410 044 or book a callback here.


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